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Sick and tired of all this “Create 6 figure profit PASSIVELY” BULLSHIT. Me too.

5 minute read TOPS, stay with me and if you’re not convinced then it is what it is.


June 2022: NWD Established 1,500 SQFT warehouse
October 2022: NWD Moves to 5,000 SQFT warehouse
December 2022: NWD Expands to 12,000 SQFT warehouse

We x8 our operation in half a year… times EIGHT in SIX MONTHS

We aren’t stopping. Never compromise.

Ngo Wholesale Distributors (NWD) Amazon Account Automation

    1. Administrative Team: Ensures that all the components within your Amazon Business are working smoothly with each other.
    2. Supply Relations Team: Supply Relations ensures that we will always be maximizing the amount of storage that your Amazon Account has and always be reserving profitable products for you from our suppliers.
    3. Warehouse Team: Warehouse ensures that all your products are inbounded, checked for Quality, ensure that prep is in accordance to Amazon Rules and Guidelines.
    4. Account Management Team: Maximizing the ROI that you get for the products that you purchase. Ensuring that your account is always in good health.
    5. Logistics Team: Ensuring that your products get to Amazon CHEAPLY and QUICKLY.

Work with something that has been our bread and butter for the past three years. We have already gone through the growth pains and have created a system that has been tried and true. The photos on the right are sales of clients that don’t know ANYTHING about selling on Amazon. These are young accounts have all started around October 2022.

The Edge

Supply Chain

An established “Supply Line” means we have an endless supply of profitable products on a “at will” basis. No wasted resources on product sourcing.

Traditional Amazon Account Automation

The biggest reason why traditional “Amazon Account Automation” services FAIL is because of three MAIN reasons

  1. A lack of a dedicated supply line
  2. Lack of a warehouse
  3. No efficient outbound system

Warehouse and Logistics

A warehouse is absolutely necessary when you are looking to scale your business. But on top of that you need to have an iron clad logistics team so that you can ensure products to go out as quickly as they come in.

We offer you that edge already, with a 12,000 SQFT warehouse and dedicated routes. Less time waiting and more selling.


How do I get started?

Contact us using one of our contact methods and tell us about your needs. Our team will work together with you to find a solution.

What services do you provide?

We offer a multitude of services to help our clients grow. Our main ones include Wholesale and Amazon Account Automation. We also provide services for OA, private label, FBA Prep and Freight Forwarding services.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, one of the advantages we provide our clients is access to our wholesale products. We provide an all in one stop for your Amazon business. Our clients typically receive around 20%-25% ROI(return on investment) for our wholesale items.

Where is your warehouse located?

We are located at Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. We are near LAX & Long Beach and several large Amazon Warehouses. Our strategic location provides you with decreased transportation costs.

What size sellers do you work with?

Our clients include both large and small amazon sellers. We always work with our clients, 1 on 1, to reach an agreement on prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

What payment methods do you accept

For all of our services, we accept payments via Credit/Debit, Paypal, ACH, and wire transfers.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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